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Current Project

Research of the Went urtext scores viewed at Cesky Krumlov.


Lonarc Oboe Trio want to type up the parts, create scores, rehearse the trios, check for misprints, edit accordingly and then publish through LOTP all the Went Oboe Trios (including the oboe trios so far unpublished - the Trio in C major and the Pas de Deux a Signor e Signora Vigano).  


And then perform and record these works with using these newly edited parts.


There are also Went scores for Wind Harmonie to be researched at Cesky Krumlov and at the Imperial Library in Vienna. LOTP want to also eventually publish his 6 Oboe Quintets (oboe and string quartet) and his Concertante for Oboe, Oboe Grande, Cor Anglais and Bassoon, making it ready for performance.

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